Advanced Telecom

Tel: 985-340-2811


VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol


Auto Attendant
Allows callers to interact with a menu to choose the appropriate extension or sub menu. There can be several auto attendants within the Main AA

Voice Mailboxes
Each extension is allocated its own voice mailbox

Voice Mail to email
Transcribes your voice mail messages to text and mp3 format so that it can be sent to preferred email. Your messages will appear in your email inbox. Never miss an important message when you are out of the office

Extension to Extension Dialing
Using 3 digit extension codes, users can call co-workers within their company regardless of their location, with no calling charges. This is an excellent feature for companies with more than one location to stay in touch.

Anonymous Call Rejection
Option that allows user to block/reject calls from parties not identified with a caller ID.

Call Forwarding
Forward user's incoming calls to an outside number or another extension so that a call is never missed.

Call Park
Allows user to place a call on "park" then retrieve that call from any other phone in their system.

Call Transfer
Allows users to tranfer calls to another extension within their system

Do Not Disturb
Allows user to set phone where calls will go directly to voice mail instead of ringing their extension. This is particuarly useful when in meetings.

Find Me/Follow Me
Defines how incoming calls are routed or forwarded for individuals or groups of inbound callers, ensuring that important calls are never missed. Incoming calls can be routed to another extension, cell phone, or home phone.

Simultaneous Ringing
Have incoming calls ring up to 10 extensions at the same time, allowing users to handle incoming calls more efficiently.

Distinctive Ring
Allows for a different ring tone internally when dialing extension to extension. Alerts users that a co-worker is calling them and it is not an outside incoming call.

DSS Keys
Side keys on your individual phone that allow user to identify when co- workers are on the phone and to extension dial them by merely pressing a button. Also used as speed dial keys for those more frequently called

Contacts can be imported into each individual phone using csv format.