Overhead paging

Telephone Interface

We can integrate your paging system with most   phone systems so paging announcements can be made from any of your phones to other phones and loud speakers setup in other parts of your office and warehouse.

Corporation-huge overhead paging is used for mass communique throughout the building and integrates seamless into your unified communications community. 

In comparison with traditional overhead paging methods the place building challenge, high installation expenditures and committed wiring is quite often a management burden the VoIP overhead paging approach is effectively attached to your existing network. 

Overhead paging makes it possible for announcements being brought to locations inside a facility, across a multiple office and warehouses. Making use of multi-zone paging offerings makes it possible for you to make alterations of your paging zones without any further wiring or installation.

 In combo with your IP telephones, overhead paging is inexpensive and easily installed to make your in- office business communications more effective.

Incorporating overhead paging into your unified communications system is simplified with the aid of just an extra piece of hardware:

•VoIP Ceiling Speaker
This powered over the Ethernet (PoE) ceiling speaker is attached directly to your existing Ethernet community and is managed totally  over the web.

•VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier
Powered over the Ethernet (PoE) or an AC powered device, this loudspeaker amplifier is intended for noisy environments and presents a moisture-proof enclosure for outdoor functions. Additionally a wi-fi choice is available to scale back wiring.