Complete the form here and submit to us.  We will contact you via email and send you the details and documents necessary for our partner program.

Partner Guidelines:

1. No commission shall be due until the referral becomes an Advanced Telecom customer.

2. As a partner you should contact your referral prior to referring.  This will greatly increase the odds of them becoming an Advanced     Telecom customer. 

3. Commissions are paid based on the agreed commission schedule at the time of which the partner agreement is entered into.

4. In no event shall a Partner receive any compensation for revenue which is billed and not collected; nor shall charges assessed by Advanced Telecom for federal, state, local, or other applicable taxes, fees or governmental assessments be included in, or considered as revenues collected from Accepted Customers. 

5.The one time commission payment will be issued within 7 days after the installation of the referred customers phone system.

6. For Advanced Telecom VoIP customers, referral compensation will be rendered in the form of a credit toward their current account.



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